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Erica Meus-Saunders (founder & main contributor) – is a writer, director and upcoming producer in Nova Scotia.

Erica, a native of the Bahamas with a French Creole background, has always been fascinated with the stories of her grandparents and friends in neighbouring countries.

Also a published author, she has written, directed and filmed a few shorts, both documentary and dramatic. For more on Erica visit her website:

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Lisa Takagi (main contributor) –  is a street photographer and a journalist based in Tokyo. Born and raised in Tokyo area, Takagi spent two years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to study journalism from 2015, where she fell deeply in love with street photography.Her photography focuses on the emotional link between people and street, architecture and nature. As a journalist, she mainly focuses on fine arts and engineering.

Takagi’s photography is also available on Instagram.

madelaine-veinot-2Madelaine Veinot (Graphics/Animation) a recent graduate from DaVinci College (Animation for Games, Film, and Visual Effects) has collaborated on several projects for Story-book, beginning with drawings for ‘Proof of concept’ for ARAA: Web Series.

“I love making characters come to life. I think it’s an honour to be able to help someone else bring their visions to life,” says Madelaine.

Jennie Cyril

Jennie Cyril (main contributor) – is a writer, director, and producer. As a young girl living in a Haitian village with no electricity or television, Jennie was introduced to the power of imagination and storytelling through the eyes of her older brothers. They frequently told her about movies they saw at their friend’s house. She remembers sneaking into someone’s backyard climbing on a block, peaking through the window screen and watching television for the first time. She was fascinated.

In her teens, she fell in love with the art of filmmaking and video production. And decided to study digital filmmaking at New York Film Academy and later Radio, Journalism & Television Production at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). For more visit her website at:

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Carter Thurber (contributor/editor) – is a young energetic filmmaker with a heart of gold. Born and raised in Nova Scotia and a graduate of the Screen Arts Program, Carter plans to expand his knowledge and skillset of all things Post!





Delia Louis

Delia Louis is an award-winning Marketing and Media Professional from St. Lucia, with over 13 years of practical experience in the areas of Marketing, Media, Public Relations & Communications, Event & Project Management, and Arts.

Ms. Louis holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Marketing Strategy from London School of International Business