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Tara Woodside & CINE Morphosis

CINE Morphosis is the brainchild of two Bahamian artists – Emerald Sands and Tara Woodside. The company’s focus is around cinematography, special FX makeup, tutorials and most recently short film production.

Image from their recent production “Archipelago Alliance.”

“I had many ideas swirling around in my head and was hungry to create,” Tara explains. “When I met Emerald, I saw a great opportunity to work alongside a talented SFX  make-up artist and CINE Morphosis was created.”

Tara talks about her path to producing ..

“Oddly enough, I got into directing and producing due to lack of opportunities to act at the time. Hungry to be involved in any way with the industry, I started putting some of my ideas to paper. With a shoestring budget and other eager industry professionals. My first short film “From This Day Forward” was created. It was then that I got the itch to constantly create, whether in front or behind the camera.”

Tara (left) in costume & Emerald (right) talk with local organization in the Bahamas

In the past year the company has doubled its quantity of projects and short films. The list of short films includes: “Growing Up Gen”, “Tales from the Blue Hole” (Pre-Production) and “Archipelago Alliance”. We chatted briefly on “Growing Up Gen”, a break-out short film for CINE Morphosis.

Story-Book Entertainment (SBe): What inspired Growing Up Gen?

Tara Woodside (TW): “Growing up Gen”, believe it or not, was shot as a trailer. No Film/TV show idea in mind per-say. The idea came about during one of CINE Morphosis’s makeup videos involving a gargoyle. I was messing around after the shoot and basically speaking as if I was a teen gargoyle. The crew loved it and said, “Hey this would make a good show!” So basically, we came up with the idea, planned the shoot date and casted in less than 2 weeks. It was supposed to be a trailer, but after people saw it, they craved more and more. Thankfully we shot more than enough footage to put together a 20-minute short. Happy to say that it was well received and being shopped around as a TV series!

Watch the Full episode HERE

Like most emerging producers and production companies CINE Morphosis has had it fair share of challenges mostly around getting projects funded, but Tara describes the biggest challenge as convincing the locals that the talent needed to create these projects ‘was right here at home’.

“Thankfully, due to the quality of work and professionalism provided by the local creatives, it has shifted the mindset,” she notes.

SBe: How do you see your company/products evolving in the next 5 – 10 years?
TW: CINE Morphosis was created out of the need to diversify our productions. So, with that in mind, we will continue to push the creative narrative and think outside the norm. In 5-10 years, I expect that we would have at least 3 syndicated shows and a few internationally recognized films.

SBe: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs/directors/producers just starting out?
TW: Don’t wait for the right moment to do what you love. You have to make the moments. It starts with you at the center. The universe conspires to give us what we need, so don’t wait for the “perfect” time, as it does not exist. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help, as it can save you so much headache. You’d be surprised how far you can get with the right help, not just in the industry, but in life.

Check out their aRT in Motion piece – Battle Dwarf 


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