Short Docs

Welcome! We’ve got quite a line-up for you. Our short docs range from character profiles, to featured events/performances to a few recreations and animated pieces.

First up is a series of short profiles pieces around 3 women in Nova Scotia!

We call this series, The Dreamers!

Watch the film HERE.

Poster by Emmanuel Nwogbo.

What’s your dream?

“The Dreamers” gives us a sneak peek into the lives of three young women on a mission to answer this question: Joee – an LGBTQ performer & connector, Kayla a community activist, and Maya an actress and artiste.


FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival – 2019

The Emerging Lens Film Festival – 2019

Halifax Black Film Festival – 2020

Mayworks K’Jipuktuk /Halifax Film Festival – 2020

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