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Mohammad Al Masalma – Founder Mosy Photography

Mohammad Al Masalma left Syria and came to Halifax as an immigrant on a scholarship from World University Service of Canada. In 2018 he fulfilled a long sought-after goal when he registered Mosy Photography as a business. Mohammad talks about his journey to Canada.. 

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On the web: https://www.mosyphotography.ca/

What is Story-Book Entertainment Inc?

Erica Meus-Saunders, President of Story-Book Entertainment gives us a brief overview of the company’s mission and what inspired the concept. We also get a glimpse of recently featured pieces on the platform.

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Zamani Millar – Artist Feature, SB Entertainment

Zamani Millar is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Nova Scotia! She’s been racking up accolades, most recently The Stingray Rising Star Award from Halifax Jazz Festival 2019, and Best Atlantic Musical Score Award from FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival for her song “What’s So Great About Him”.

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A River Divides: Life and Death| 川が隔てる生と死の世界

For Japanese, a river has always carried an important symbol of division between this world and the after world.  There are many stories in which people saw visions of their relatives and friends, who already had passed away, waving to them and telling them “not to come to their side yet” from across the river in their near- death experience. This is Lisa Takagi’s personal story.

Bria Cherise Miller – Organizer + Visual Artist + Performer

Bria Cherise Miller is many things – an illustrator, painter,  a writer of poems and blogs, a performer, an organizer and most recently a DJ. Like all artists and people with special skills, she’s finding her way through her work, her community and an openness to learn and try new things.


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Anuschka Wright Jazz Performer – Artist Interview

Anuschka Wright was born in Canada but grew up in the Bahamas where she began her Jazz career at age 18 years of age. 

Anuschka is currently living and working in Montreal, pursuing her dreams of becoming a full-time Jazz artist.

“Growing Up Gen” by CINE Morphosis

@Storybookca1 – CINE Morphosis & #GrowingUpGen

“Growing up Gen”, was initially shot as a trailer. The idea came about during one of CINE Morphosis’ makeup videos involving a gargoyle. 

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Keonté Beals is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, piano player, and dancer living in Nova
Scotia. Check out his interview with Story-Book Entertainment!

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