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Anuschka Wright Jazz Performer – Artist Interview

Anuschka Wright was born in Canada but grew up in the Bahamas where she began her Jazz career at age 18 years of age. 

Anuschka is currently living and working in Montreal, pursuing her dreams of becoming a full-time Jazz artist.

“Growing Up Gen” by CINE Morphosis

@Storybookca1 – CINE Morphosis & #GrowingUpGen

Growing Up Jen was created and produced by Tara Woodside and her team from CINE Morphosis.

Tara explains, “I was messing around after the shoot and basically speaking as if I was a teen gargoyle. The crew loved it and said, ‘Hey this would make a good show!’

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Keonté Beals is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, piano player, and dancer living in Nova Scotia. Check out his interview with Story-Book Entertainment!

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