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Julien Believe

Our culture of Junkanoo performance and music is well known throughout the Bahamas, but not all around the world. Our aim (my team and I) was to make this beat, this music, popular in a very cool, very trendy way. We wanted to introduce Junkanoo to the world, in a way that was very easily relatable.

Anuschka Wright

Just recently we reconnected. I’m so excited and proud to see all that Anuschka has been up to on the Montreal music scene. Anuschka who has just released a sultry single called Black Coffee – written by Sonny Burke with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster.  


My first impression – “smooth crooner.”  I immediately compared him to a young Marvin Gaye, however as I listened closer, his music held a hint of Reggae/Afro Caribbean beats, similar to that of Beres Hammond, but  I soon came to the conclusion that his style of singing was uniquely his.