Artist Feature

Francesca Ekwuyasi – Artist, Filmmaker & Writer (Skype Interview)

Francesca Ekwuyasi is a multidisciplinary artist, a budding filmmaker and an author. She moved to Halifax from Lagos, Nigeria and is currently living and creating work in Nova Scotia. Last year Francesca created  her first short film – “Black and Belonging”, which premiered at the Montreal Black Film Festival and screened in 2020 at the Halifax Black Film Festival.

Just recently, Francesca completed her first novel, “Butter Honey Pig Bread” under the Arsenal Pulp Press label. The novel comes out this October and is available now for pre-order at

Check out Francesca’s Skype interview with Story-Book Entertainment.

Story-Book Entertainment – Skype Interview with Francesca Ekwuyasi

To learn more about Francesca and her work, follow her on Instagram – @f.ekwuyasi 


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Cover art by Brianna McCarthy

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