Artist Feature

Bodine Victoria Johnson – Artist, Performer + Educator (Skype Interview)

Bodine is a Bahamian artist and performer, who describes her music as a fusion of Soca music and Bahamian Junkanoo – “Soca-Noo”. 

Bodine Victoria, photo by FDOT Photography

She talks about her latest single, Sugar in a Plum, which dropped on April 9th, and explains some of the meaning behind the song.  

A line from the song reads, “You sweet like a honey pie, you and your big brown eyes” and Bodine breaks it down,  “It’s not just an affirmation of your outer beauty, but also an interpretation of the beauty of your character and your soul. Sugar in A Plum accentuates and affirms the wonderfulness and beauty that you have on the inside, that exudes itself on the outside.”

Bodine is also an educator and in her downtime, enjoys sharing her recipes online.

Check out the full Skype Interview.

Follow Bodine on Instagram: @bodinevictoria

On YouTube: @BodineVictoria 

On the web:

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