Artist Feature

Music Resistance

“Music Resistance” is our latest short documentary. This documentary came together over a period of time and is strongly inspired by the music and history of “Four the Moment”.


In 1981 “Four the Moment” an A Capella quartet in Halifax (Delvina and Kim Bernard, Jackie Barkley, and Deanna Sparks) made their debut at an anti – Ku Klux Klan rally in Halifax, where they sang ‘Joanne Little’. The ‘music protest’ was a success.

The history of Four the Moment influenced two generations of African Nova Scotian musicians and performers, including Delvina’s daughter, Zamani, a rising singer, songwriter and producer, and Amariah Bernard, Kim’s daughter, a singer, and jazz performer. The doc takes an intimate look at this intermingling of past and present through music and demonstrates how today’s generation of musicians are also taking up this mantle with their unique approaches to performance and music.

Poster by Emmanuel Nwogbo II

Throughout the doc, we see various performances and interviews, (segmented with archival footage and B-roll) that demonstrates the interconnectedness of ‘music culture and resistance’ from past to present.

Co-written by Kirsten Taylor and Erica Meus-Saunders

Directed & Produced by Erica Meus-Saunders.

Poster Art by Emmanuel Nwogbo II.

The doc has just begun its Festival run! First showing, Saturday June 11th at Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF).

Here’s a quick teaser.

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