Mohammad Al Masalma – Founder of Mosy Photography

Mohammad has been passionate about photography ‘ever since he could remember’. While living in Syria he would take photos on his phone to document his life and the crisis that was taking place at the time. In 2016, a scholarship from World University Service of Canada (WUSC) gave Mohammad an opportunity to immigrate to Canada and a chance to pursue what he loved most, photography.

Mohammad Al Masalma

He graduated from Nova Scotia Community College, Akerley Campus in June of 2018 with a Diploma in Tourism Hospitality, and soon after registered Mosy Photography..

MO Masa, as he’s known to most, believes in the power of hard work and persistence. He continues to work hard to build his reputation and his company.

Here’s Mohammad’s Interview with Story-Book Entertainment.

Mosy Photography specializes in various types of photography – portrait photography, real estate photography, event / wedding photography, product photography, and videography.

Follow MO Masa on:

Instagram: @Mosy.ca

Facebook: @MosyPhotography

YouTube: Canada 902

On the web: https://www.mosyphotography.ca

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