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Julien Believe

Image provided by artist – Julien Believe


Julien Believe also known as “Mr. Junkanoo” is a Bahamian singer, songwriter and recording artists who has pushed our high energy, Junkanoo beats like – She Gat that Junkanoo (latest), Rolling It, Live and Wine & The Caribbean Slide to name a few.

‘Live and Wine’ featuring international Soca artist Bunji Garlin was the most played song on Bahamian radio in 2015. Extraordinary opportunities to team up with Grammy Award winner John Legend (10 Grammys) & Grammy Award winning producer Dana Stinson, catapulted Julien as a singer/songwriter to the next level and paved the way for hits like ‘Caribbean Slide’.

Story-book Entertainment sat down recently to chat with Julien on what keeps him motivated, and of course his latest high energy single, “She Gat that Junkanoo”.

She Gat That Junkanoo invites ladies of all shapes and sizes to show off their sexy side and enjoy life, “Grab a drink and whine that waist to the ground,” says Julien. 

“I wanted a way to encourage Bahamians to be proud of the current music that the creatives are producing. She Gat that Junkanoo was very special from the beginning. Whenever I would play this Saxon’s Rush (instrumental) anywhere in the Bahamas, Bahamians would ‘go crazy’ over it!”

See video clip of “She Gat that Junkanoo” performance piece.

Story-book Entertainment (SBE): What brought you to music and performance?

Julien Believe (JB): As a child, my mom would always say I had a compulsion for music. For as long as I can remember, I was always singing or dancing around the house. I’ve just always had a passion and love for music and entertainment.

As I grew older, I would enter song and talent competitions and those shows led to more shows and greater opportunities. I’ve always had this gift, and I continue to pursue it to this day.

SBE: Who or what motivates you?

Julien Believe: The Bahamas is a country, where we don’t have a lot of musicians that reach international fame or make it internationally. I realize that this in itself is a tremendous task. My goal is to be an artist from the Bahamas, that is able to compete on an international scale.

In addition to creating a platform that could ideally expose other young Bahamian creators to the world stage, also create a level of sustainability in doing this, so that we don’t have another twenty-year gap. This is what and who motivates me.

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