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A River Divides: Life and Death

Nagatoro city in Chichibu county, Saitama prefecture in Japan is known for many locations which are believed to initiate visitors with the sacred power coming from nature. One of those is the long riverbank “Iwadatami” which is formed with a gigantic solid rock. It’s officially a national treasure in Japan as a natural site. The river flows near the sacred Hodosan shrine, which is another well-known centre of the local animism. This area still carries an old spiritual faith which has existed before Buddhism was introduced in Japan. In its belief, a natural site with sublime appearance is one of many “appearances” of the divine soul. This is Lisa’s personal story of her encounter while on the river.

日本語字幕版はこちら|Watch with Japanese subtitles, click HERE.

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Images and illustrations from this piece are on sale at our STORE.

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