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Anuschka Wright

Anuschka Wright’s Black Coffee cover – photo provided by the artist.
Anuschka post studio interview at Breather Spaces, Montreal.
I first met Anuschka Wright almost 10 years ago back in the Bahamas. At that time, she was just starting out as a performer and I was captivated on sight and wanted to know more about this young lady, who was singing and performing Jazz at such a young age. She would be one of the first features in my then magazine – Nu Woman Magazine and I would continue to follow her along her incredible journey.
Just recently we reconnected. I’m so excited and proud to see all that Anuschka has been up to on the Montreal music scene. Anuschka who has just released a sultry single called Black Coffeewritten by Sonny Burke with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster.  The song and video was done in a one-shot session at Base Bin Studios in Montreal (Kate Wyatt on piano and Adrian Vedady on upright bass). During our recent interview, Anuschka chatted briefly about the experience, “The recording of the song (Black Coffee) itself was pretty simple, it was the back end – the artwork, getting it posted, distributed, I also had it marketed this time, those things took a bit more time to complete.”
Snapshot from “Black Coffee” single
The conversation covered everything from studying Jazz at University level in Canada to the making of Black Coffee, and how she’s now navigating performances and the music scene in Montreal. I was also fortunate enough to sit in on a rehearsal with Fat Kid Big Band
Anuschka has had a busy summer with a with six (6) major performances in June and July:
Best of Soul – (Le Balcon), L’Évolution du R&B avec Danny Blanco (Le Balcon), B’s Bees at House of Jazz, L’Évolution du R&B avec Danny Blanco – Le Balcon,
Pocketful of Soul tribute to classic soul (Hudson Village Theatre) etc., etc. 
Rehearsal with Fat Kid Big Band post August 3rd, show
And more scheduled performances in the month of August as well as upcoming:
August – Best of Soul, Motown et Jazz avec Snooksta et Anuschka Wright
Aug 2 – Aug 17 · Le Balcon · Montreal, Quebec
Fat Kid Big Band à Diese Onze – August 3rd @10 PM EDT
Upcoming in October – Masquerade Ball Casino Royale 2019 Friday 6 PM· Embassy Plaza · Laval, Quebec
The interview piece will be released in a few weeks, on our website and social media platforms: 
Instagram –
Be sure to follow Anuschka at:
Instagram: @aaawright
A little about Anuschka:
Anuschka Wright was born in Canada but grew up in the Bahamas. As a child she was a member of The Bahamas National Children’s Choir and took advantage of this opportunity,  travelling with the group to cities like Moscow and New York. 
She took a break, leaving the Choir in Junior High. After graduating high school, she went on to spend a year with the Gospel ensemble, Christian Music Association (CMA) lead by director, Charles Drake. In 2009, she and her group were privileged to win The Bahamas Cacique Award for Best Gospel Song. This became a turning point in her career.  After leaving CMA she went on to make her professional debut as a lead vocalist, joining the Bahamas’ top Jazz ensemble “Jazz Etcetera” lead by upright bassist, Adrian D’Aguilar.

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