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Album cover art by the amazing Noa Skate
I was first introduced to Clerel, on a night out with Anuschka Wright in Montreal.
“You’ve got to come see my friend perform”, she says. Coming from Anuschka, I knew that I was in for a treat. We made plans to see him perform with Willis Pride at Quai Des Brumes on a late July night in Montreal.
My first impression – “smooth crooner.”  I immediately compared him to a young Marvin Gaye, however as I listened closer, his music held a hint of Reggae/Afro Caribbean beats, similar to that of Beres Hammond, but  I soon came to the conclusion that his style of singing was uniquely his.
Clerel who hails from Cameroon, Africa, first debuted at the Artloft in Montreal on April 28, 2018.
While he does quite a few classic renditions, such as Bobby Caldwell’s classic What you won’t do for Love he also has a few original pieces like When I Could Still Call You Mine and his upcoming first EP, “Songs From Under A Guava Tree” will be available everywhere on August 30! It consists of five songs produced, arranged and recorded with Kent Ktok.
Clerel recent performance in Montreal July 30th with Willis Pride @Quai Des Brumes
We are so excited to be following this up-and-coming talent, and hope that you will follow along. Stay tuned for more on Clerel!
In the meantime,  please visit:

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